100 Questions Heatmaps Can Answer Right Now About Your Website - Part 1

Common Web Analytic Services such as Google Analytics, represent only the general statistics like how many visits you had. 
But they don’t tell you what is the problem? or how you can improve the website?
MouseStats goes inside the pages and shows you statistics of each element!
We analyze every mouse move, click and scroll and then we’ll turn them into simple maps that you understand them at a glance. 

mousestats demo
Many questions will be answered by using a professional and valid heatmap. In this post, we list a few of the questions we will answer them with our product:
  1. Why visitors do not click on the “Buy” button?
  2. What makes them confused?
  3. Those that come from Google, are more profitable?
  4. Where is the best place to put advertisements?
  5. Do Mac Users make more purchases?
  6. Why visitors do not reach the order page?
  7. What is your mistake in pricing strategy?
  8. What distracts visitors? 
  9. Which picture on your page attract more attention?
  10. Which color is the best for “action” button?
  11. How should be the order of page elements?
  12. The menu is in the right place?
  13. Which are sensitive sentences for visitors?
  14. What is the first visitor action?
  15. Which product will attract more attention?
  16. Which link should be at a better place?
  17. I should focus on which part of the site for more profits?
  18. Which part of the terms make difficulties?
  19. Does visitors click at a wrong place?
  20. Does visitors find their own path in the short time?

After a few days of using MouseStats, Finding ways to improve the website is a guarantee!
It’s totally easy. You just need choose a plan, copy and paste your tracking code and select the page you want analyze.
The most professional heatmap service on the web.
Start your free plan today by MouseStats, no credit card required.